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.Become YOUR Best Self.

100% Custom Health/Wellness/Fitness Coaching developed just for YOU

We design a custom health/wellness/fitness program for you based on your personal goals, experience, available equipment, available time and lifestyle.  We provide a realistic approach towards becoming your best.  Our goal and business model is to TEACH you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle within 12 months and no longer need our services.


Real World Functionality

We want you to look and feel your best while also making you a stronger and more confident person.  Being able to do and accomplish things you never thought possible for years to come and with our future generations.

Workout Facility

The Program

Every client gets a custom program built just for them and their goals which is backed by over 20 years of data proven science, personal  experience and testing, and developed methods.
Nutrition Counseling
Whole Body Wellness Instruction


Our Methods
Competitive Programming based on YOUR Goals
Functional Training

Meet the Coach

Scott Telford, 38
Scott is a Military Veteran and former Navy Diver who fell in love with testing his abilities and seeing what the human body is capable of at a young age.  His pursuit to become the best version of himself grew into sharing his knowledge and trialed experience with others around him once he saw the huge POSITIVE IMPACTS it had on every aspect of his own life.  He now wants to branch out even further and help as many people as possible take control of their lives and become their best selves and fulfill his true calling and passion, all while embodying his signature saying . . . . . . .

Well Versed

Scott has personally attempted just about every type of training, diet, recovery, and new health fad out there.  His experience and knowledge shed a science based and factual design of all his programs.

Family/Fun Oriented

Scott recognizes the value and importance of enjoying life and being a productive part of a family and team.  He pushes a realistic "work hard, play hard" approach to health and wellness.

Extreme Athlete

Scott practices what he teaches and actively competes in extreme events all over the country.  He is even one of a very small group to have ever completed The Spartan DEATH RACE.

Functional Fit

Through his experience Scott has found a balance to maintain the ability to perform well against his peers as well as maintain a positive body image.


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